some serious updating.

so i am horrible. i do have some pictures to put up. still none of the house. my camera has either been full or my house has been dirty! but i will get some soon. (yeah right believe it when you see it right?) hehe.

so the first event i want to post is joshes birthday. it was on april 23. i know i am horrible at this these days! so as some of you know josh's birthday was the day before our wedding. josh's birthday was on a thursday this year and our anniversary was on a friday (april 24th) so we just turned it into a big party weekend and went off to vegas. it was a great get away and such a blast.

so josh had been complaining lots about not getting a birthday cake for the past few years of his birthday, and how because of our anniversary, he probably wouldn't have any great birthdays from here on out because our anniversary is so close to his birthday. so i wanted to surprise him and do something so secretive and special for him. so i got this HUGE birthday bag and i filled it with some birthday gifts and a little cake for his birthday. (josh loves cake!) i got the cake from the same place we got our wedding cake and cupcakes, dippidee. we love dippidee! my mom even put some cute little fillers in the bag.

this was his cute little cake.

and joshes funny surprised face..

and this was josh with the birthday bag surprises...
includes: a new pair of vans, socks, cookies, chips, squirt guns, bubbles, dvd's, and i am probably forgetting some little things, but that is what it mostly was. it was lots of fun.

and this was a day on the town just "JASH" ;)

on our trip we were able to go to a wax museum. this was lots of fun
and we took a lot of pictures, but these were our faves...

this one was so funny. everyone that sees it is like what the heck? haha.
we just laugh....

this one kind of goes with the previous one. its silly. hehe.



this one is more for my dad.. hehe. bite your ear off.


this one is for my mom..

r.i.p. king of pop :(

josh.. the only time you can grab someone's butt is if they are a wax figure..
ok now that we got that straight, hello jessica!!

2pac looks like he has a 12 pac.



and can't forget abe!

so while we were in vegas the night of our anniversary we got to go see the blue man group. it was incredibly entertaining and so very fun. we loved it.. these aren't the actual blue men, but we got to get pictures with their wax figures in the wax museum..

then we went to the coke factory and tried different sodas
from around the world. this is a list of some of them that we tried...

some of the sodas.. sparkly rainbow!

then josh tried the beverly from Italy. it was probably the worst soda in the world. literally. it was so funny to look around and see people's faces that drank it. hehe. i only drank the ones that josh told me were good. i cheated.. this is josh with the beverly.

this is a really funny video from you tube of some people trying beverly. it is hilarious how disgusting it is to EVERYONE. haha.

then we went to the m&m factory and got some over-priced m&m's that
were all sorts of different cool colors. we love m&m's!

then when we got home from vegas we attempted to eat our year old wedding cake. it was not frost bitten at all, but it really tasted like it. josh kept warning me and wanted to eat it well before a year, but i wanted to stick with traditions, and look how far that got me. hehe.

more blog posts coming shortly. :) i promise.


Fife Family Forever said...

oh my goodness. we saved our cake to, took it with us, and we didn't even want to try it. LOL, we just threw it away.

Kristin said...

We each ate a bite of frost-biten wedding cake and here we are almost 12 years later. I think if you can eat gross old cake it is a sign you can make it through anything! Hilarious travelogue and pics! Now I want to go to Vegas, but I might pass on the Beverly - who named that drink anyway? It must be after an old girlfriend that had a bad aftertaste.

Kristin said...

PS Happy Birthday Josh! and Happy anniversary.

Kristin said...

PPS Wax people are creepy!

The Sorensen Family said...

Love the pics. Looks like you guys had a great time. You were good to try the cake. I had it but never ate it?! MIss ya

allirasmussen@gmail.com said...

yea! i was so excited to see you had updated your blog! what a fun anniversary trip ;)

Picture me me Drawlin'... said...

how come my hair looks cool sometimes, can it be all the time?