miss you!!

here's just a little update to let my family know I miss them and live them and some random photos to go with it. 

just going along with day to day work life. trying to get my 1 year experience so I can get to a hospital where I can work 12 hour shifts to spend more time with josh. only 8 more months to go.

love you guys!!


car accident

this 3 hr a day driving is sure taking a toll on josh. he is losing his patience in bad traffic. our poor car is now in the shop. go figure right when we raise our deductible from $500 to $1000 and we are trying to buy a house. :( oh well.

new job

so I officially got the job I wanted at healthsouth rehabilitation hospital. I'm super excited. the hours will be rough from 3-11 but I feel blessed as ever. I start on the 26th!!



zoey is always begging for love from her loverboy. she loves his kisses.


one thing I definitely dislike about Florida. he almost crawled across my hand. 


I finally found a job!

after months of looking/applying/driving around looking for a job, I finally got a job as an RN and I start nov 26.

it's in north miami beach which is about 45 minutes from where I live, so once I get some money coming through we can look for a place of our own further south closer to work for josh and I.

it is a nursing home, so it's not ideal for what I want long term, but I've had such a hard time finding a job here that I'll take whatever I can get. I also still have a couple other options.

I interviewed last week at an eye surgery center but that position is only as needed so I'd only work 8 hours a week. I am still waiting to hear from them.

I also interview at a rehab hospital on Monday called healthsouth. this job is ultimately what I'd like to do, because I absolutely loved my job in rehab in Utah. so if I don't get a job offer there then I always have back up at the nursing home.

keep me in your prayers for this rehab job, because that is ultimately where I'd love to work!

Florida drivers

are nuts!