the petting zoo

so we have a new addition to our family. yes, a dog. i keep thinking to myself why do pets always come to me? problem is i can't ever bring myself into taking them to the pound, because i never know the type of home they will get? i always want pets to be in a good home.

so here is the story. . . so josh and i had a birthday party at our house for our good friend hillery. (i give her most credit for hooking up josh and i.)hehe. keep in mind this was on may 19th. (like i said before, i have some serious updating to do.) anyway we had her invite all of her friends over for cake and ice cream and to hang out a bit. well we get a knock on the front door, and it was some of her friends on the front doorstep with a dog and they all said here is a dog for your birthday. well hillery still lives at home with her parents, and they do not approve of an extra dog in the house so we decided to try to keep it at our house and see how it goes.

as some of you know josh is attached to dogs. he loves them more than life itself sometimes. so he loves the dog and still to this day keeps trying to push me to let him keep her. problem is we already have 2 cats. if we have a dog too, that makes it a petting zoo. so i guess we live in the petting zoo now.

josh is going to be mad at me for saying this, but if anyone wants her or knows of a great home for her they can have her. for free. we were told she has had all of her shots and is spayed, but i don't have record of either one. so who knows?

we named her zoey. she is pretty cute and has been fun. we love her. i just honestly don't want any more pets right now.

p.s. i guess i should also mention in this post that i got a perm. my hair was so so flat all the time and never had body. i didn't want to cut it, because it is the longest it has been in a long time, but most of the perm has fallen out now, and i am fed up with long hair, so i am scheduled to cut it tomorrow. hehe. i think changing hair lots is fun. it mixes things up.


The Sorensen Family said...

Way cute picture of you and the dog! You look so pretty!

Save the date for July 23, we are having Christine's baby shower.

Wendy G. Atkins said...

wow! this whole time i thought it was a puppy.. not a huge dog!

Carlita said...

i still think it's so weird that it was a bday present. no one is allowed to give pets as bday presents unless the other person wants one. i think that boy was stupid.

she is pretty cute though. and i like the curls!

Jendar said...

how short did you cut it?