called to serve

my brother JD got his long awaited mission call yesterday. we are so excited for him! he was called to serve in the south new york, new york mission english speaking. he leaves on his mission august 26, 2009. for those of you that actually know him, this place is absolutely perfectly fitting for him. he is the biggest yankees fan, and he's such a city boy and loves to talk to everyone he meets when he walks down the street. congrats JD! we love you!

can't wait to open

reading the call

happy about the call

JD's massive support group


Kristin said...

Yippee! NY and JD. Congrats and love!

Carlita said...

how fun. i love missions. NY, NY is where Rac's husband Jason served... but i don't know if it was north or south.

Rachel Bott said...

Tell JD congrats for us. What a great day for him. He will be an excellent missionary.

My mom is coming into town in two weeks, we should go to lunch with you and your mom too I would love to see you. let me know if that works for you.

Jendar said...

nyc is the best. i live in manhattan which is part of the new york north, so i wont see him, but if you want me to look him up i definitely could.