and by popular demand

these are some pictures that some of you have been wanting to see of our apartment. we started out bare white walls and put in some creativity and hard work and now it is our humble home. we love it. it gets really hot sometimes but we have 2 a/c and have gotten used to it.

this is the floorplan for our apartment. it is kinda flipped a little bit so you can kind of get an idea.

we like to call this room our green & red room. these are the "before" pictures. bare and boring.:

and this is the final product. josh put up some of his art and we rearranged a few times til we decided the perfect fit:

and this is our "blue room" a.k.a the dining room (before pictures):

and this is the finished product. we tried to kind of make it a "josh's personal at home art gallery/ dining room" it has a warm feel to it.

i know i have already posted this picture before but this is the only picture i have of my kitchen:

after you walk through the kitchen more you have what they call the "enclosed sun porch" it is just the perfect size for josh to have a place to work on his art and a little office for our computer and lots of storage. this room is always a HUGE mess. so sorry we don't have any pictures of it.

and this is our bedroom. we refinished all of the furniture ourselves from my parent's old bedroom set. it was such hard work. sanding, painting, staining, finishing,... not fun!! but we love how it turned out. (there are no "before" pictures this time.)

and the whole family...

the kitties liked to hide in the closet when we first moved in. :

and this isn't the best picture of the bathroom but it has a lot of natural character to it. i love te tiles in there.

and this is our back porch. we LOVE sitting on the porch. but i think the cats love it more. they are ALWAYS out there.

and this is our totally awesome shaded backyard.


Matt and Carla said...

It looks so flippin cute! I love that you get to paint.. I'm looking forward to the days when I get my own space to paint colored walls. Let's plan something to hang out next week.

Savannah and Wren said...

I LOVE your house it is SO cute!

Crawford Family said...

how cute! you've done a good job. it makes me want to re-decorate. too bad we can't paint our apt.

The Sorensen Family said...

SO CUTE!!! Glad you put those pictures up! Hope you can come next monday!

Drew Danburry said...

love the shirt you're wearing in the kitchen! ha ha...thanks so much for the wedding present. thank you so much. much love you guys!

Rupeshow said...

i dig on your apartment.




Yo looks like a happy fun place to live is the coach comfortable for Mama's??? Hey ya all check out my Graduation pic on the wall I think I have a mullet. Hehe! Loves yr momsy! Ya all have a great place!

Hayley said...

your house looks like it was the set for the Royal Tenenbaums

saraanddevin said...

HEY! our cats seriously are twins!!! the black and white one looks JUST like my cat travis!!! JUSt ask SAv she LovEs trav!!! haha