we are both doing really great. josh's last day of work at the power company is tomorrow then he is going to start working at chem dry. let me know if you ever need your carpet cleaned so josh can get comission. :)

i love my job here at primary children's. it has been a lot of fun working with kids. it is hard to burn out because all the kids have such big warm hearts.

if anyone wants to do anything fun this summer let me know because time is running out before i get crazy busy with school.



Jendar said...

what a cool job you have! working with little kids and helping them get healthy. what a great blessing that is. im sure the kids love you.i would!

p.s. i think i may move to seattle someday as well. is a big city but not overwhelmingly big like new york city. someday.

The Sorensen Family said...

I think next thursday maybe weds we are going to do a girls night and see a chick flick. I want to do it before my baby comes. Would that work for you? and maybe dinner before.