a few weeks ago we went to zion's national park for a little get away. we both had 4 days of work off so we wanted to take advantage of it.

this is our really awesome hotel we stayed in. we were pretty fascinated by the sticks they decided to call art on the wall above the bed.

the hotel even had their very own personal labrinth.
i thought these only existed in the movies (david bowie) but nope they totally exist in zions.
this is us walking through the labrinth. (sorry it is crooked in the future we know to record them the right way.)

i even got so excited that i decided to do yoga right at the mountain top. (this is really just pretend for the picture, but apparently the hotel hosts yoga classes there, pretty sweet!)
josh was pretty fascinated with this prayer stick.

and he lifted this heavy stone so he could get a picture with it.
the labrinth made us really happy.

then we started our wondrous hike. we hiked up to the narrows.
i was excitedso was josh

we even captured a video of this exciting event.

but it got really hot. good thing we had our water.
on the way up to the narrows josh decided to stop and feed the squirrels peanuts.
then this one totally latched on to his finger and he had to practically fling it off. (no wonder why they tell you to not feed the animals) *josh did not get hurt the squirrel did not break through the skin. *and we must have a squirrel video.. this is the fat one. he was cute. (this was before josh realized they bite)

i liked hiking in the water because it wasn't as hot. it was perfect.
but josh trailed right through the water in his hiking boots. (he didn't have chacos ;) )
then it was snack time. and josh decided to be a bum and tease me about eating chips ....

and then more hiking.
josh really wanted to get a picture in the nook. so instead i took a secret video. :) (sorry again for it being crooked.)

then 10 minutes later i decided it was actually lunch time.
i mean peanut butter jelly time.

i was happy.
josh really wanted a picture by this rock. he liked the water running down it.

and that concludes our adventure at zions. ( after we got a little in & out in st. george. i absolutely love their 2000 calorie grilled cheese sandwich.)


hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

i love you to itty bitty pieces. your trip looks great. YOU are great.

xoxo, hillsie

Fife Family Forever said...

OH my gosh, you two are just way to cute for your own good. It looks like you are having a blast being married. I'm way jealous that you were able to go to Zion. Take care, Coral

The Sorensen Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Loved all the pictures

Ashley Clark said...

How fun for you guys! Enjoy it! Whenever you decide to have kids that time together all goes away. Those are good memories. KIds are fun too!!

Claire Valene Bagley said...

I KINDA expected David Bowie to pop out at any moment.

You remind me of the babe.

NateandAshley said...

Wow! looks like a ton of fun! Love all The pictures. Especially the yoga one!


Ash & Josh went up the hill to have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, Ash had a baby rock & Josh threw it down the hill and they said not ready for babies. They had a fun trip as you can see. Rocks and babies are to heavy for you kids right now "enjoy getting to know each other and have a good time". LOVE YOU MY BABIES!!! (not ready for my babies to be haven those babies yet. No Grandma for me ok?)

ashley|josh said...

very clever mom. haha.