and this is the honeymoon fun

this was at the airport. in the way to florida.. woop woop.

and once we got to florida, people decided they like to cruise around like this..
and then we decided to have an open house so we could hang out with josh's family that couldn't make it to the wedding in utah.
this is josh's brother and sister-in-law (my husband is the hot one.)
but his nieces are most adorable. and they know it.
so the next day josh wanted movie time.
we saw baby mama
the next day we wanted to go shopping..
but josh had no idea where the freeway was.. (maybe it was because he was looking for food instead.)
the next day we wanted disney world... but it was next to impossible to get a picture in front of epcot.

but we did make it to magic kindom.

josh was a pirate. (at heart)
and i was a princess. (at heart.)

we saw buzz light year.

and josh zapped away all of the bad guys.

then it was time for its a small world.
i was in heaven

josh was in hell

ash had a good day

and josh did too.

but then it came time to go back home off of our fun trip. but on the way to the airport we came across this...

and the fun was over.



The Sorensen Family said...

Cute pictures! looks like you guys had a ball! Hope you are loving the married life. The first year is SO FUN!! Love the signs with Ashley Doyle!!

Fife Family Forever said...

Oh my gosh, that sign is the coolest thing ever. I hope one day I will come across something so amazing!