just thought i would give a quick update since it has been a while.

i am working at primary children's hospital right now. i still have a week of training left. i LOVE it. i get to work with babies, kids, teens, and even young adults sometimes. i think i will like my new job.

i think i was mislead about the hours i would be working when i accepted that job. but oh well. i will still like it and it won't conflict with school at all. so it should work out ok.

josh got his two weeks notice at his job and he will be laid off. his last day is thursday so he has been looking for different jobs.

we have been doing great though. no worries.

i have been working on some geneology. i figured i should take advantage of working on it while i am living so close to the family history library in salt lake. it has been a lot of fun doing it. and when i get the opportunity to do temple work for people that are in m family it is such a great feeling. i recommend it to everyone.

well i hope you all are doing well. it has been a great summer so far. love ya!


The Sorensen Family said...

Sounds like a fun new job! Hope he finds a good job soon! You should post pictures of your place. Hope to see you for dinner tomorrow night at Katie's birthday.

Matt and Carla said...

this is going to be random, but i noticed from some pics of your honeymoon and things that we are the same (carla and ash) because when we don´t wear mascara- we don´t have eyelashes. thank you for having the same dilema as me, especially since i am not wearing any makeup while we are traveling. splendid.

Picture me me Drawlin'... said...

Carla, I have to admit when i first met Ash, I think that I thought that she looked similar to you.