so i said i would post photos of our house and stuff.

so here it is all of our hard work in one..

this was the furniture before we painted. it
and this is the after product...

but this is the finished product actually in our house...

it was really hard work. it took like 4 of our precious weekends before the wedding to actually do all of this but we are loving it!!

but then we decided to paint our house too. this is our dining room color.
and this is our red and green living room:
it all looks a ton better now that it is all decorated and put together. man it used to be a horrible mess!!

this is us happily attempting to cook up some stir fry. it was so so sososo good. let me know if you ever want any gingered veggie tofu stir fry because it was seriously amazing..

but this is the whole family's favorite place to be... the back porch. here are our adorable kids.. i mean kittens. we cant have kids for a while so we will settle for kittens i guess. .

this is josh's other lover. no actually she is the one in love with him. she waits for him by the door every day in the afternoon waiting for him to come home from work to steal all of his love. when in reality she just really likes you to spank her bottom lots. really.

i like the porch lots.
but josh doesn't so much.

and that is what we have been up to. not very much fun. but we are all settled now. so come over and party.

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Carolee said...

looks like you had fun decorating! i'm going to miss you on rehab.