some house photos.

so this is the long awaited for house photos... i have been trying to remember to take a picture after i clean a room. since i cleaned my room today, i have a picture of our room. i actually loved the colors of paint in our room when we first moved in, so we kept our room the same color and just did a few touch ups.. and it matched our stuff, so it all worked out great. :)

and i cleaned our bathroom recently, so here is a picture of that too. josh actually got me all this bathroom stuff for christmas, and i absolutely love it..

and here are some of our basement apartment that we rent out (currently to josh's older brother tyler, and josh's best friend o.j.)

front door
front room/entrance



hallway to the bathroom

bathroom view #1

bathroom view #2

family room/ 2nd bedroom view #1

family room/ 2nd bedroom view #2

shared laundry/storage room (which i'd like to remodel at some point)

more to come of upstairs photos.... :)


Wendy G. Atkins said...

love the bedroom and bathroom. glad you finally got someone to move in.. even if it is family and friends.

Tim and Kamee said...

Ash your house is awesome. I love that you rent out the basement, you guys are smart. I didnt know you were going to nursing school, congrats!

Kristin said...

So cool to get a tour. I love the bedspread.

Natalie Call said...

Cute house Ash! Love it!

Claire Valene Bagley said...

Pretty house for a pretty girl...