long time no see!

hey everyone! i am horrible at updating lately... this semester i am taking my hardest classes before i start nursing school, so updating my blog is one of the last things that i have on my mind. josh and i are doing well, just trying to keep up with life!

today i was cleaning up my room, and i found this birthday card that i got from my cute little step brother, andrew. i had to post it for my own sake to save the memory. this card makes me laugh!

so when i got this card he explained to me that me and him were holding hands... in the other picture josh has a remote in his hand, is laying on the couch, and watching t.v. this is so funny to me, because every time we go over to my dad's house, josh goes and lays on the couch and watches t.v. hehe. just cracks me up that this is andrew's memory of josh.


Wendy G. Atkins said...

that's hilarious! at first i thought maybe it was a cat laying by him and it's tail was sticking up! hah

Kristin said...

That is adorable and hilarious.