wedding stuff. april20-april26

well here is the story:

josh and i both had to give talks in church the sunday before the wedding. it was crazy busy all week and i didn't have time to write my talk until the night before. well i didn't finish my talk until 7:00 am sunday morning. i had church at 1 so i had some time to sleep which was nice. i didn't have much time to eat though because i took extra time to sleep in.

so i got to church and my nerves were running off the wall. i didn't even know why because i knew i would never see any f those people again. so i got up and just started reading my talk. i was so nervous that i never looked up. but as time went on i got less and less nervous. well i started to feel a little light headed and started seeing stars. so i paused and took a little breath and wiped the cold sweat off my forehead. i looked up and told everyone that i was sorry that i was just feeling a little nervous. right as i said that though i realized that i really wasn't even nervous anymore and that i had just been locking my knees the whole talk so thats why i was feeling light headed. so i decided that i just needed to hurry and finish the talk. there were only 2 paragraphs left. well i said 2 more words and fell straight to the floor. i passed out in my talk. i couldn't believe it. so i then opened my eyes and everyone was standing around me asking if i was ok and if i could finish my talk. i told them i couldn't finish the talk. i didn't even want to get off the floor. but josh picked me up and escorted me out. i had a glass of water and a girl from my ward ran out and gave me some gum to help my blood sugar levels. so then i caught my bearings and decided to get up and finish my talk. i was so proud of myself.

well that was the first exciting thing of the week. haha. i thought i was really embarrassed until i realized that there was nothing i could have done to prevent it and it was not my fault. i didn't get hurt luckily. i almost hit my head on the corner of the sacrament table on the floor though i guess. i am glad that didn't happen. but i did end up getting a huge bruise on my bum that hurt whenever i sat down for the next few days. it wasn't so bad though.

then tuesday came along. that was the day i went through the temple. it was such a great and spiritual experience and i was so happy to be there with josh and his parents. i now get to wear g's. i thought that most of my clothes were modest really. i have found that most of my shirts are cut too close to my shoulders and i can't wear a lot of my clothes. it is taking a while to get used to but i love em anyway. haha

then wednesday was josh's birthday. josh's parents and grandpa and my brothers and my mom all went out to eat to celebrate. earlier that day i went and got manicures and pedicures with my mom. it was nice and relaxing.

then the wedding day was great. no big problems. everything went as planed except it decided to snow during our pictures. it was like a crazy blizzard. thank goodness i chose a short dress ;) anyway, then we had our luncheon with some of our friends and extended family at the olive garden. we had soup salad and breadsticks (our fave.) all went well.

the reception was perfect. it took a while to get going but once it got going it was a ton of fun. we had cupcakes from dippidee which are our absolute fave. they had filling too. they were amazing. we also had ice cream from sub zero ice cream which is another one of our fave places. everything went great.

we are currently trying to settle in our new place to make it feel like home. and i am looking for jobs at the hospitals in salt lake because it is a really long drive to go all the way to provo especially during rush hour.

i will post some pictures from the wedding soon. my aunt actually sent me some.. here is the link:

anyway, enjoy!!


Matt and Carla said...

Hi Josh and Ash, I found your blog thru myspace, and I hope it's okay that I link you from our page. I was just super excited to see pics of the wedding, because we missed it and I think you guys are cute, so of course the wedding would be cute. And Ash, if you don't remember me- ask Josh. And Holler on the short dress! Best decision a bride can make I think! Totally cute, and congrats!

D & H Welch said...

HEY!!! I love the pictures.. i just wish i was there to see it myself. You guys looked perfect and Ashes you looked absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the new couple,and your guys cute place! Call us if you need anything and let us know when your all settled, we have something for you two from little Maddox. Love you guys!!!