coming soon

i seriously can't believe how soon the wedding is coming! i thought it was 3 weeks away and then two weeks we would be moving our stuff to our new place, but nope one week til we move our things and two weeks til we get married and we still have some furniture to finish up.

for those of you who don't know what we have been up to.... i have been working sunday-tuesday 6p-6a and josh had been working monday-thursday. then on friday and saturday we have been working on some furniture for our new place. my dad was getting rid of a bunch of old furniture and we needed some. well the furniture was dang ugly. so we decided to distress it and make it cool and it is turning out better then what we thought it would. we will take pictures. so we have been extremely busy. we haven't purposely been not hanging out. we have just been busy like crazy.

well i hope you all come to the wedding. we are both getting more and more excited as the day gets closer and closer.

i haven't really put up too many photos because i have been lazy and haven't taken many photos, but here are some that we took on valentine's day. i was really feeling pretty sick and didn't want to go anywhere. so josh and i were looking through this amazing cook book trying to find something we could make for dinner. josh went and got all of the things and then with my directions and sitting on my butt josh made the entire dinner himself. i was so proud of him. it was a great gormet dinner made from scratch. it was a pesto thing with beans and nuts in it and some cheese pita bread. i have a great future hubby.


The Sorensen Family said...

Looks like a yummy dinner! you look so cute in the picture! Can't believe next week is the big day! Can't wait to see you in your dress!

hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

cuuuuuuuuute patoots. you're perfect for eachother.

The Sorensen Family said...

Hey! you looked beautiful at your wedding! Hope it was a wonderful day! Where were the cup cakes and ice cream from? They were so good!