home sweet home

It has been so hard for Josh and I to find a place to live for when we are married in April. Part of the problem is that I have 2 cats. They are adorable and I can't do without them. We have called a bunch of places that are under $650/month. They have mostly been pretty nice and livable. But we called a bunch of them and asked for the pet policy and and most of them told us that we had to pay around $300 for a pet deposit and $250 pet fee then $35 pet rent per pet times 2 cats=$620 and then they all want our deposit and first months rent and that is some mega bucks. So we finally settled for a place to live. It isn't the coolest place to live but it is way cheap and they only charge $250 for my cats together.

This is it. What do you think?


The Sorensen Family said...

Looks nice. I didn't know you had 2 Cats! Oh and what time is your reception going to start?!

D & H Welch said...

Oh ash its perfect for your first place!! There's so much love you won't even notice if you don't like it:)I'm glad you found a place... now i have even more reasons for me and lil'd to come to SALT LAKE- to VISIT AUNT ASHLEY!!! I love you ash and josh. You two are going to have a blast!!!