disregard the last post.

so last night josh drove around the apartment again later in the day. he decided that the neighborhood was a bit sketchy and he asked if we could find a new place to live. so we finally found the new home sweet home.

i hope you guys like the looks of this place better. it is in a much better location. a little more expensive but it is worth it to live in a safer place.

the current tenants living in the apartment will not be moving out until april 15. then depending on what all needs to be done with the place (i.e. painting, cleaning, floors refinishing) it could take up to 2 days or 2 weeks so i am praying it will be done before april 23 so we can move in before the wedding.

some of you have been also asking about some wedding stuff...

i will be doing my endowments at the mt. timpanogos temple on april 22 in the evening.

we will be sealed at the mt. timpanogos temple at noon on april 24 for anyone that would like to wait outside. i would offer to invite some in but right now we are not sure if we will have enough room yet.

the reception will be on april 24 at my noahs. from 7:30-9:30 (i think? read the invitation when you get it)
it will be in room 300 at noahs.
at the reception we will be having sub zero icecream which is our absolute favorite so be excited!
we are registered at target and bed bath & beyond.

for my bridal showers....
my work will be doing one for me on march 25 at work that night.

my step mom and my grandma will be doing one for my dad's family on april 5.

my mom will be coming in town a week before the wedding because she wants to throw a huge shower for all of the amazing women that i grew up with and all of my wonderful friends over the years. that shower will be on april 19 from 11-3 and it will be an open house style.

if you can't make the one on april 19 let me know so i can be sure to invite you to the one my step mom and my grandma are doing for me on april 5.

i am really excited it is all coming together and i will be sending out my invitations this thursday (march 20) so you should for sure get one this weekend or the early part of next week. i am really excited about my invitations. my roommate helped me design them and they look wonderful.

well any more questions feel free to text or call me or e-mail me.

love you all!!

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The Sorensen Family said...

Looks like a nice place. That is crazy that it is coming up. Okay so the friend shower I hope I can make it!! We are probably going to San Diego that weekend and coming back in time for the wedding. Also they tell you, you can have a certain amount in the room at the temple.. our room was the biggest which was like 45 people(i think) and we ended up having 90 people in it... just so you know. That was at the SL temple at least. Good luck with everything coming together.