finally updating

I figure since I'm no longer in Utah I better update more often so my family/friends know what's going on....

so I'll post in order of big events for the past couple months.

I finished my last day of nursing school at the beginning of August. I can't believe I'm actually done!!! it was a long hard road, but completely worth it, because I absolutely love what I do.

josh moved to Florida the first week of August. he got a job with sandals/beaches and started work in mid August. I stayed home and worked, packed, cleaned, painted, and got everything in order before leaving.

we had our basement already rented so I needed to find tenants for our upstairs living area. I found a nice really cute couple with a little baby. they seemed like they'd be great renters.

I graduated on August 18. I was lucky to have my parents, step brother, grandmas, and josh there. I felt so much love and support it was awesome!

this is Jana one of my best friends I had through nursing school.

the following Monday I got myself a car. josh and I only had one car throughout school and we definitely finally needed a second one since life would be a little different and more commuting in Florida.

I got a Hyundai Tucson 2012. we are leasing it for now, and got a killer deal thanks to my dad and his negotiating skills.

josh and I missed our time apart. we spent a lot of time on face time and looking for the soonest opportunity to get me to Florida. but since he'd been so busy with his move and new job, he fell asleep during most of our conversations ;)

we decided after I took my national nursing exam that I could come out... I passed!! I'm officially an RN, in Utah at least.

then I worked my last week of work. I loved my job SO much. I made the bestest friends I could ever imagine, had the greatest bosses, coworkers, and patients. I sure do miss it! my coworkers threw me a surprise nacho bar party and gave me the sweetest heartfelt gifts. I sure do love you all! since I loved my job so much I'll be hoping to find a job in a rehab place, but of course I'll take whatever I can get.

then I turned in my application to be licensed as a nurse in Florida, then hit the road. I had a breakdown my last night in Utah. finally all the stress came over me physically and I had the worst migraine of my life and just couldn't move. so our day to move was pushed back a half day, but it all turned out ok in the end. all the cats traveled great. we got some relaxing medication for them and got them all a little carrier and stopped each night for them to play/eat.

we made it to Florida in 3 days. it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. when we got here, we drove through Orlando. my baby brother is currently on his mission there and gets home in a month. it was so tempting to stop by.

we currently are staying with one of Josh's friends. we feel very blessed that he is willing to let us stay with him for a very low price with all of our pets. most of the cats are very happy here. he also has 7 chihuahuas!!! so it's a full house. but it's been fun, and they're really cute.

Josh's friend also has quite the green thumb. we live in such a beautiful place with such a pretty yard.

Josh's friend collects all different kinds of palm trees. this one is crazy!!

and yes, it is very very sharp.

apparently when it's hot out, it's normal for it to rain lots. so it has been very warm during the day and it pours rain in the afternoons and evenings. since I've been here, it has rained every single day. I am jealous to hear about the fall in Utah, cuz I will really miss my 4 seasons. it's still T-shirt and shorts/skirts weather in Florida, even when it rains its still really warm.

so currently I'm waiting on my Florida license before I can go job hunting. so I've been very bored while josh is at work, but it has given me a lot of time to settle and get things done. apparently it takes 3-8 weeks for my Florida license to process so this Friday it will be 3 weeks. sooner the better so we can get our own place and start out real life.

I check for my license everyday!!! get this same response.

well I love and miss you all. I will keep you all posted with my latest adventures as they come.

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