the horrible DVT

so about 3.5 weeks ago, josh was running. the next day he woke up with the worst pain ever. he felt like he was stepping on needles each time he took a step.

2 days later he went back to the gym to ride a bike and the next day woke up with numb toes on that same foot.

so we booked an appointment with our primary care doc, and josh was diagnosed with something called plantar faciitis. his doctor prescribed him something for pain and inflammation and recommended some physical therapy.

well josh thought it would be a great idea to also see a chiropractor since his toes were feeling numb. so he booked an appointment for that too. when he arrived by his appointment with his doctor, he seemed to think that he had a blood clot in his leg. since the doctor is just a chiropractor we just kind of ignored but he suggested.

in the meantime, Josh has been going to physical therapy, and the pain and swelling has just gotten worse and worse.

so on Sunday I got the feeling that we really needed to get it checked out that day. so I convinced Josh to go to the emergency room. while there he was finally diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg also known as a DVT.

myself and the doctors were all completely shocked because usually these things don't occur unless you have surgery or go on a road trip and that sort of thing.

so now we have to have Josh take some blood thinner pills and he has to have shots in his stomach for about five days. thank goodness I have the knowledge and nursing skills to be able to be doing these at home.

we found out later that something called factor V Leiden runs in his family which causes spontaneous blood clots to form throughout your body. so tomorrow a genetic test will be ran on Josh to see if this is what he has. if by chance he does have this disorder he will have to be on blood thinner pills for the rest of his life. if not, it's probably just a fluke that he ended up with a blood clot and he will only have to be on blood thinner pills for about six months.

we still don't know if his toes are numb because of the blood clot, or if it's because he has something wrong with his back. we are going to wait until his blood clot is clear, and then do something about his back if the numbness is still there. the doctor yesterday was saying something about a pinched a bulging disc in his back that may just need a little injection.

his chiropractor called him out of the blue yesterday to make sure he got his leg checked out and that everything was okay. he said that he also had a bad feeling about Josh and that he was worried about him. it was so nice of him to call Josh and make sure that he was okay.

so I'll try to update my blog again as soon as I know what's up with everything.

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allirasmussen@gmail.com said...

Hey Ash! Wow! That's so crazy, I'm so sorry! It's not fun to have problems...but much worse when you don't know exactly what's going on. hope everything goes ok the next few days!