father's day

this was the last father's day that we were able to spend with my great grandpa connors. he passed away about a month ago with cancer. he has been away from his wife for 8 years now and his daughter about 6 years. so i am really happy for him. i also feel very special to have known all of my great grandparents in my lifetime. i was able to have a great grandpa for almost 24 years of my life. he was also one of the few family members that was able to be in the temple with me on my wedding day. it was very special to me. i love you grandpa!!

the whole crew..

dad with grandpa... best pals.

this was just a funny picture i got with JD and danica just chillin.

danica started playing peek-a-bo totally out of the blue. i was able to catch it on camera. hehe.

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