me+updating my blog= not good as of lately

first off, my sincere apologies for not updating lately. all of this moving stuff has been consuming most of my time. then school started. i have lots of homework/studying to do all of the time and i am a bad blogger as of the past couple months.

sad to say, i do not have pics of the house yet. we still have some decorating to do. but look for a post in the near future with our new home.

in jan we went on a cruise about a week after we moved in. my dad got us some tickets through his work. it was such a nice get away after we were running around with our heads cut off for a week. i have some pics and videos from that trip..

so we started out in peurto rico.

the welcome melon

this is a view from the top floor looking down through glass on the bottom floor.

it was a really long day at this point we were both exhausted.
but then we livened right up when we got to try on our life vests.

josh is ready for sailin.
so is ash.

our first stop was in st. thomas. we didn't get any photos there unfortunately.
our next stop was antigua. we had a shoppin/beach day.
no tan quite yet.
tyler's candid beach photo
my dad is so happy to be on vacation!

tyler.. playing in the ocean.
this is called an island dog. i felt so bad for it. it was limpin everywhere.
i woulda taken it home with me.
our next stop was st. maarten. we had another shoppin/beach day here too.
this was tyler in the taxi on the way to the beach.
everyone on the islands drove like maniacs. i a surprised i was so happy in this photo,
because i definitely had my fair share of car sickness at this point.

another tyler candid beach shot.
dad candid beach shot.

this guys name was plastic. he kept trying to get us to rent a jet ski. but we ended up just sitting and talking him for hours. turns out he is the same age as my dad. so we got thier pic together. i have a feeling he will be a future convert after our discussion.

getting a break from the sun

josh was so happy about the virgin pia colada he had here.

pretty beaches.
this is what a lot of the houses looked like on the islands.
next stop. st lucia. this was probably one of our most favorite stops. here we did a zip line through the rain forest and learned all sorts of cool stuff. josh with his gear..
dad and ty with their gear.
this is a video of us cruisin through the rain forest on the way up to the zip lines.

dad on the zip line.
dad and ty waiting for thier turn.
ty on the zip line.

ash in her gear.

zip line fun video.

all tuckered out.

pretty st lucia. we were also told that they had black sand beaches.
i so would have loved to have seen one of those but we didn't have enough time.

this is a video of one of the plants they had there. it kinda reminded me of a fly trap. it closes its leaves when you touch it. we also saw this cool plant that kills aids, although unfortunately it kills people too. and there was also this tree sap that gets a really strong menthol smell, and it clears your sinuses. it was wondrous.

ready to go back to the boat. and eat. eat. eat.

this is what the boys all did during down time.

it was so nice to be able to go lay on the chairs while the boat was sailing.
so warm, nice, and relaxing.

more pina coladas. josh's favorite thing.

i loved em myself.

food excitement!! while on the topic of food, i think i had
a million pieces of pizza every day. i was in heaven.

i really have no idea what this is, but that much chocolate always looks enticing.

this was our last day in barbados. the sun struck everyone just right that day because multiple people looked like lobsters by the end of the day. i didn't wear sun screen on my legs for the whole trip and didn't get an ounce of sun on them until barbados. i was fried that night and had to spend the rest of the night in the room with aloe and a cool towel on my legs, but regardless, it was lots of fun. i am really afraid of the ocean, but i couldn't resist the big waves. i even got in.

josh went cliff jumpin. its a quick video. my camera was dying.

formal night!!

on one of the islands we learned that someone being a homosexual was also called a "chi chi boy" so i would like to call these guys the chi chi boys for formal nights.

and we can't forget about all of my farm animals. i collected them all up during the week and put them all on my table. first we have the swan. ..

then the dog.

the chicken.

and last but not least the lover kissing swans.

sadly all of that fun had to end. we had quite a few hours left to spare once we got off the ship, so we spent time time in peurto rico before our flight left. this is a pic of the three amigos.

it was pretty cool seeing all of these awesome bright buildings downtown.

then we went to the historical old fort. this is josh standing on the cannon balls.

tyler hangin in the fort.

overlooking san juan.

emo fort pic.

we also met a friend at the fort.
some random parade in peurto rico

and that concludes our trip. now we are back. and buying all of our food. and eating a lot less. :)


Amy said...

Ashes: Gorgeous. Gor-ge-ous.
Josh: LONG HAIR! rad.
I'm a towel swan.

Kristin said...

How fun, that looks like a great trip and you got some great pics!

Carlita said...

i love the mandatory life vest picture... and the entire trip looked fabulous. And tropical.

Can't wait to see house pictures! {or perhaps actually come down and see it in person!}

carolee said...

looks like fun~ i want to go on a cruise!

Jendar said...

the cpitures of puerto rico make me sooo homesick. im glad you guys had fun and got to drink so many pina coladas. i love pina coladas.