first off forgive me for not posting in a while .. this is kind of a long, but fun post.

so we went to florida to visit josh's family for thanksgiving. it was so much fun/relaxing. i don't know his family very well because i have only seen them like 3 times in my life because we live in utah. so i was really happy to be with them and get to know them more.

florida was so so warm. (it really hasn't been too cold in utah though.) but the weather where we were was perfect.

when i was growing up whenever i was in florida my dad always wanted us to see alligators. we never did. but josh knew where we could see some so we went and took lots of pictures.

this is josh and i hangin with the gator. they are so so lazy they don't even move.
they are like a rock sitting in the road. they only blink their eyes sometimes.

this is my cute new niece erin.. she was big and brave like me.
i even wanted to touch it. (but i didn't.) they are so fascinating to me.

crouching tiger and the hidden gator.

josh and erin.

this is one of our favorite pics. the cheesy nieces erin and miaia.

a couple of random gator pics..

so this is like a tourist national park area, so there was a tram that drove past the alligators and it got pretty close to them and this one had to get its lazy butt up and move so it got mad and opened its mouth a little bit. i am glad it did because it allowed us to take some fun pics of it.

here is a video of my charming australian husband and the gators..

"jash" <3's gators!! another adorable video of cute miaia

then we went walking on this little trail. above the trees these enormous spiders made webs. it was insane how many spiders there were.
this isn't the best pic ever, but its the best one i could get.

the gator crew. -josh's brother robbie (he was taking the pic.)

and a couple cute pics of my adorable nieces. i just love these girls!

then later that night we went out to eat with the fam. here are some pics..

this is our oldest niece nicole. she is my little bud.

i love this pic.. this is grandpa and grandma with her cute pigtales..

this pic is really blurry but this is "jash" and dad.

the most adorable nieces and grandma and grandpa..

then later in the trip we went to the ft. lauderdale beach. it was so so warm.
it was dark out and i could have taken a bath in the ocean.

this is my adorable hubby getting ready to dive in.

so the deal with the girls going to the beach is that they couldn't get in.
their mom didn't want them wet. we couldn't resist. they got wet.


i love the beach. but i was not soaking up the sun.
the snowflakes add a nice touch to the beach.. don't you think?

we had fun.

that was only a portion of our trip. we had a great thanksgiving and we had lots of fun. i can't wait to see all the family again.


The Sorensen Family said...

How fun!!! I love florida!! I wish my in laws lived there to visit all the time. way cute pictures! We need to get together! It has been way to long!

hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

you guys would totally loooooooooove lacoste. their logo is a gator!!

Carla and Matt said...

Crikey! i'd like to see more up close crazy aussie-ness out of josh next time he is around a gator please. [you have to really get in their face josh] you two look darling though. woo woo for holiday fun :)

Amy said...

awesome awesome awesome.

and that one photo of you two at the beach, where you're in pink and cheesy smiling? adorable.

p.s. the verification word is 'fuelest.' okay blogger, get a life.