we really didn't have any fun plans this year. we didn't even have plans to dress up. but we found these totally awesome t-shirts for $5 on this website called woot. once i put it on and started getting ready for the night i decided that i should maybe dress up a little bit so i just started doing wacky things to my hair (which wasn't much) and then i remembered that i had some totally awesome 80's stretch pants in my closet so i put those on. not much else. but it was fun nonetheless. here are some pictures/and the main events...

when we first left the house we ran into angel moroni on the corner... unfortunately we were driving so the picture is a blur but it was pretty funny.

so we first went to my dad's house to see off my
little brother andrew before trick or treating... vampire.. what a cute one.
and we played with my adorable baby sis dani. she loves it when josh flys her in the air.

and then dani got to dress up too.. the most adorable baby bat i have ever seen..

and this was our t-shirt design

our t-shirts on

we went to a totally awesome party with sweet black lights and our shirts were perfect


and that basically sums up our halloween. next year i hope to plan a fun party with friends or something. because of school/work this year we are both just kinda lame. happy halloweener!!


The Sorensen Family said...

So cute!!!!

NateandAshley said...

HOw fun. your shirts are Awesome!

Fife Family Forever said...

Love the shirts. PS i need your email. I set my blog to private.

Claire Valene Bagley said...

Darlings. I am inspired to find my own snow goose to wear matching shirts with. So so cute.

saraanddevin said...

CUTE halloween pics....and ps look at my blog to see our twin cats!!!!!!!

Ty and Whit said...

Ha I love the shirts!!

Lindsey Boskovich said...

Those are awesome t-shirts! you have such a cute little sister. :)