i am finally making a post for my sister danica's blessing. no we don't have any children of our own yet and for now danica does a good job at being our favorite baby. so this blog is dedicated to her. she is almost 4 months old now. she is laughing and smiling and even starting to try to talk lots. her favorite thing to do is watch tv. (at least from what i have observed) haha. i love her. and here are some pics from her big day (sep. 8)


josh was a trooper and did this picture for me.

the oldest old fart siblings

this is the whole big new DOYLE family. i am pretty sure this is our first "doyle family photo" even. unless you count the one from our wedding when danica was in the belly.

grandma and grandpa doyle came from washington..
and her awesome koopmans cousins/aunt/uncle came from enterprise, UT.

thanks to everyone that came it was great seeing you all. :)