josh's new obsession

i decided to watch the show this season. i tried to get josh into it with me. at first he was really hesitant about it, but then he really got worked up about it.

so meet the bachelorette:

DeAnna Pappas, 26, is a brunette, brown-eyed real estate agent from Newnan, Georgia. She became an immediate fan favorite and was the final woman remaining on the finale of The Bachelor last November. The ending proved to be a huge shocker, though, when Womack didn't select any woman -- a first in "Bachelor" history. She found out she was tapped to star as the next "Bachelorette" on an episode of Ellen that aired in January of this year.

then you have the final 2 bachelors:

first we have: Jesse


Occupation: Professional snowboarder

Hometown: Amherst, OH

Currently Resides in: Breckenridge, CO

then we have: Jason

Age: 31

Occupation: Account executive

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Currently Resides in: Kirkland, WA

who will it be?....
jesse or jason?

much to my surprise she chose jesse. i think that millions of americans were shocked. no one pictured the beautiful bachelorette to choose the snowboarder.

according to http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/entertainment&id=6251906

'The Bachelorette' picks a snowboarder

"The Bachelorette" Deanna Pappas has made her decision. Here's hoping it lasts.

"Deanna Marie Pappas -- will you spend forever with me," asked Jesse.

"Yes," she replied.

During last night's season finale, Deanna chose Jesse, the professional snowboarder from Colorado, over Jason.

anyhow, they seem really happy. just a big surprise to all.

josh knew it all along and was rooting for him all along. he got so into it. in fact he went on his own and found their myspace page, their own personal webpage, and even you tube videos. the night of america's shocking news we were both laying in bed. i was half asleep, but not josh. he was up thinking about the bachelorette. he woke me up from being half asleep with more comments about jesse the snowboarder and how happy he was that he won.

we don't watch much tv around our house. in fact we don't even have basic tv. we watch most shows online. or buy some good ones on dvd's. i don't like tv at all. in fact it gives me headaches. but for some reason we are drawn to this show. don't ask me why.

if any of you in the future need a partner to watch bachelorette shows you must call my husband. he will love you forever.




The Sorensen Family said...

I am in love with that show! I wanted it to be Jason but they always fool you. They always show you I real love side to one and not the other as much. Brett liked Jesse the most too!